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(Shadows and Light Over Conakry)











Shadow imagery by Thiam Sekou Oumar 


A show about daily life and rituals of day and night.

The performance integrates acting, video, and shadow theatre

with songs, dances, dreams, nightmares and scenes from everyday life.


Directed by Betsy Tobin of the Now Or Never Theatre

Assisted by Ibrahima Tounkara

Choreography by Marius Seu

Music by Fatoumata Kouyate

Shadow puppets created by Thiam Sekou Oumar and Bono Bore

Performed by Hadja Bah, Moussa Doumbouya, Habibatou Bah, Aicha

Magassouba, Soumah Mohamed Lamine III, Mina, Marius Seu & Ibrahima Tounkara





















Je te remercie vivement d'être venue à la rencontre des artistes guinéens au Petit Musée. Le rapport de Hadja montre que tout le monde a vraiment apprécié ce travail, ces nouveautés et la relation avec toi.  My hearty thanks for coming to work with Guinean artists at the Petit Musee. Hadja's report shows that everyone truly appreciated this work, the new techniques and working with you."

Isabelle Bucheton 

             Director of Le Petit Musee



“The Ambassador mentioned how much he liked the play, and how much value he saw in teaching these theatre skills to the artists at the Petit Musee... I could not have imagined this turning out better than it did.”  

                                                                       David Kierski

                                                                       Assistant Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy Conakry,                                                                                  Guinea

This project was made possible by the U.S. Embassy Conakry, World

Learning Arts Envoy, Le Petit Musee & le Musee National de la Guinee








Back row from left to right: Soumah Mohamed Lamine III,

Betsy Tobin, Aicha Magassouba, Hadja Bah, Habibatou Bah, Mina, 

Front row from left to rightMoussa Doumbouya, Marius Seu & Ibrahima Tounkara

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