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    The Lion King,  Studio School Production,  May 2016

BETSY TOBIN teaches classes in various theatre techniques including:

-SHADOW PUPPETRY using a variety of light sources and techniques;

-MASKS: workshops & demonstrations in masked acting, mask traditions, and mask-making;

-ACTING with a focus on devised theatre;

-HAND PUPPETS & RODS PUPPETS (manipulation and puppet-making).





She works with organizations such as Think 360 Arts (Performance Roster & Residency program), the University of Colorado in Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs, Metro State Community College, Naropa University, Fort Lewis College, Mizel Museum, Artreach, the Jewish Cultural Centers of Denver and Boulder, the Aesthetic Education Institute/Institute for Creative Teaching of Colorado, and numerous theatres, libraries, schools and other cultural centers and organizations.

Shadow puppets created by students during

residency at Shelton Elementary School

“Betsy Tobin’s professionalism, creativity, and artistry have made a significant contribution to our educational programs.”                                                Ellen Premack, Director of the Mizel Museum

through Art in the Embassies
 Hermes mask 
for The Odyssey
Student production of 
Tom Thumb in Le Havre, France
Student production at
Horizons K-8 School
Sun mask for the
Procession of the Species
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