The Auspicious Adventures of an Improbable Princess

by Betsy Tobin

performed by Betsy Tobin & Margarita Blush 

music by Jesse Manno

Pomona High School in Arvada

Wednesday, February 5th at 11 AM

This shadow puppet performance about culture shock and transformation was inspired by a trip to Bali to study traditional shadow puppetry. The show integrates scenes from the great Hindu epic, the Mahabharata.

Funded by Boulder County Arts Alliance, Boulder Public Library & Now Or Never Theatre


Created and performed by Betsy Tobin & Michael Gunst

Music by Jesse Manno     Animation by Jesse Tobin Weiss

                     OPENING SHOWS:

May 16th   4 PM

May 17th   2 PM 

Canyon Theater, Boulder Public Library

                 OPEN REHEARSALS:

March 18th  2:30 PM

West Boulder Senior Center

March 31st  5 PM

Meadows Branch Library Meeting Room

Sponsored by Boulder Arts Week

Bricklayer mask by Michael Gunst

Stories will unfold as if emerging out of a black and white photo. Dressed in work clothes, with make-up on their hands and faces to blend in with the predominantly black and white figures, the two performers will represent the workers of humanity. They will set the stage, manipulate puppets, objects, and shadows, and play roles with or without masks in this non-verbal show for adults and children age 10+. The scenes explore themes of humanity: migration, love, cruelty, humor, faith, poverty, hunger, work, generosity, isolation, joy, and companionship. 


Hand puppets by Betsy Tobin

Funded by Boulder Public Library, Boulder County Arts Alliance,

Gunstwork Puppet Mask Theatre & Now Or Never Theatre

Image from Garden of Earthly Light video by Betsy Tobin


Video collaboration with Kinetic Sculptor George Sherwood 

for the opening of his exhibit, Wind, Waves & Light 

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, Richmond, Virginia   April 24-October 18, 2020

Seismic Memory  by George Sherwood