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NOW OR NEVER THEATRE combines traditional and alternative theatre forms in unique ways. Performances range from original devised pieces to shows inspired by myths and epics such as the Odyssey, the myth of Sisyphus and the Mahabharata.


Innovative performances and multi-media 

events feature shadows with layered 

imagery and video projection on a variety of surfaces, as in Shadows and Journeys, 

performed against canyon walls with video 

imagery representing the memories of the land.

Artistic Director BETSY TOBIN also collaborates with other companies on

puppet design and direction with a particular interest in exploring a variety of cultural perspectives.

Examples include:   

"Ombres et Lumieres sur Conakry/Light &     Shadow Over Conakry" in Guinea;

"There Was and There Was Not - Wonder Tales of the Islamic World" written by Jennifer Heath with music by Wahid Omar; &

"Stories of Sticks and Stones", a solo show about the earth, using only sticks and stones to tell folktales from across the globe. 

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