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A multi-media theatre performance about sustainability 

Created and Performed by Betsy Tobin

Audiences follow the antics of an unusual storyteller costumed in an assortment of recycled materials. She playfully transforms herself, the space, and the materials around her as she enacts scenes that provide a brief history of consumerism. From shadow puppets and magical worlds in plastic, to hand puppets and rod puppets, the sets and characters conjure known and imaginary constellations.


Audiences are invited to travel through the cosmos with their quirky guide using what is at hand to navigate worlds in an inventive DIY performance about climate change and sustainability with immersive shadows and video imagery.

The performance features music created by Janet Feder that includes the use of recycled/upcycled objects and materials not commonly considered “musical”, revealing properties of beauty often overlooked in day-to-day artifacts.


Assistant directed by Margarita Blush & Michael Gunst

Music by Janet Feder 

Mobile by George Sherwood

Cosmos video by Jesse Tobin Weiss

           Supported by the Boulder County Arts Alliance,

     Create Boulder, Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau                         & Boedecker Foundation Path to Excellence.

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