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microcosm / MACROCOSM

A multi-media theatre performance that explores perspective

Directed by Betsy Tobin

The show juxtaposes individual with collective experience as it explores perspective shifts in ritual and everyday moments. In this celebratory piece, the superimposition of images creates an ethereal effect, leading the audience to experience multiple layers of reality simultaneously. The show combines various forms of theatre in unusual ways to highlight the subject matter.  Video sequences filmed in silhouette capture the essence of interpersonal relationships. We also use live feed video projection.


The show is motivated by an association of images as well as by emotional and thematic progressions: from PROGRESS to EXCESS to PURIFICATION to TRANSFORMATION to ORIGINS.

Performed by Gwylym Cano, Sheila Foster, Stacy Ginsberg, Alain Guillou, Shannon Jellison, Sarah Beth Parks, Phil Van Scotter & Betsy Tobin 


Music by Phil Van Scotter

Funded by the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the City of Boulder, The Boulder Library Foundation and the Boulder County Arts Alliance

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